Welcome to “The Delights of Constantinople 2019”!

Embark on a nostalgic journey through this web game crafted with passion by developer Egecan Kahyaoglu. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Constantinople, where gaming meets education in a unique and thrilling experience.

About the Game: “The Delights of Constantinople 2019” is a browser-based adventure developed using Phaser.js and Node.js. Brace yourself for an engaging gameplay that challenges your reflexes and wit. Navigate through the captivating episodes, each offering a distinct set of challenges and surprises.


  • Web game developed on Vanilla JavaScript (Phaser.js Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB)
  • Send your high score to MongoDB at the end of the game.
  • Optimal experience on Google Chrome
  • Two existing episodes with more in progress
  • Educational in nature


  • Movement: Left and right arrow keys
  • Jump: Up arrow key
  • Shield (Episode 2): Down arrow key
  • Throw delight (Episode 2): Spacebar


  • Developer: Egecan Kahyaoglu
  • Game Engine: Phaser.js
  • Routing: Express.js for routing
  • Database: MongoDB for the scoreboard
  • Music: {“Provided to YouTube by Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax”: { “Track”: “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”, “Artist”: “The Trevor Horn Orchestra”, “Album”: “Mona Lisa Smile (Music from the Motion Picture)”, “Release Date”: “2003-11-21”, “Composer”: [“Jimmy Kennedy”, “Nat Simon”], “Producer”: “Trevor Horn”, “Engineer”: “Robert Orton” }
  • SpriteSheets: Main Character by ondarisa, Explosion by Gussprint

Setup Instructions: To dive into the adventure, simply run npm install to set up the necessary dependencies. Don’t forget to add your MongoURI to ensure seamless functionality on .env file.

Experience the magic, relive the excitement, and challenge yourself in “The Delights of Constantinople 2019.” Get ready for a gaming journey like no other!

Feel free to become a part of the creative journey behind “The Delights of Constantinople”! We welcome contributions from the vibrant coding community to enhance and refine this web game. The project is open source, and your input can play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Whether you have ideas for new episodes, improvements in gameplay mechanics, or enhancements in code structure, your contributions are valued. Check out our GitHub repository at https://github.com/egecan12/Web-Game-Delight-Fighter and join us in crafting an even more delightful gaming experience. Together, let’s build something extraordinary and share the joy of game development!

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